Autonomy and accountability

Dare to take risks, the right to make mistakes …

Entrepreneurship and autonomy are widely recognized and encouraged at Rime-IT.

We let talents express themselves by offering everyone a space of freedom.

We recognize the ability of everyone to take initiatives, to calculate risks in relation to the known objectives of the company, to envision success and achieve it.

Our success is based on the empowerment of our employees, at all levels of the organization, regardless of the position held. Everyone is responsible for their colleagues, for their projects, for their customers and for the company.


Rime-IT, elected as Best Workplace Luxembourg 2020, is committed to its values of benevolence throughout the proposed course (as a candidate, employee, partner or client).

People are at the heart of our commitment. We consider each person without discrimination, and recognize each person’s dignity. Our action is marked by respect and humility. We promote sharing, constructive listening and accessibility between employees, at all hierarchical levels. We try to provide a work-life balance. We listen to our employees and the market and we can express ourselves freely, with transparency and sincerity.

Collaboration and collective intelligence

Our goal is to build strong and lasting relationships with our customers and employees, based on mutual trust, partnership and exchange.

Our management tools and methods have been designed to be “collective”.

We have a team spirit, and mobilize our energies to positively contribute to the success of the company.

Knowledge, activities and resources are shared within our company, for greater efficiency and responsiveness.

Solidly committed.

Creativity and innovation

Giving a creative dimension to projects allows us to differentiate ourselves, it is our daily desire.

We are constantly on the lookout in order to be a source of proposals. Our agility and ability to adapt to change are part of our values.

Take risks, show curiosity and imagination to encourage and implement innovation on a daily basis.

It is the desire to always push our limits further.

We constantly challenge ourselves in a dynamic of continuous improvement.

Knowing how to get out of the box by being curious, daring and innovative.

Excellence and sense of service

Customer culture is placing a sense of service at the center of our concerns and of our business.

We respect our commitments by providing an irreproachable quality of service, and always more performance, by involving all our staff. We are available and we continually question ourselves.

A human-sized structure, we offer our customers tailor-made and flexible solutions.

We continue training ourselves technically and personally (hard / softskills) in order to offer the best of ourselves.